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BridgeView Team, I would like to first start by saying thank you Bridgeview, from the bottom of my heart. Yesterday we joined the ranks of homeowners. I truly feel and believe that my home purchase wouldn't have been possible and definately not under better terms than with Bridgeview. Starting with your outstanding loan officer Bryan Sam, who followed up on an online loan inquiry I made 2 months ago. Which in fact, had dozens of lenders and brokers blowing my phone up with in the hour. After about the 10th call , I just started cutting them short before they could even introduce themselves. However, Bryan somehow caught my attention before I could hang up on him lol and within a minute, already had my interest. Before I knew it, he had already sent over terms and conditions that made my offers from Bank of America, Navy Federal, and the leading VA lender Veterans United look like childs play. That one single moment ultimately led to a home purchase through Bridgeview. Brian immediately worked on my file once my offer was submitted on my current home. He was there with step by step information on what I needed to do on my end and was always available, if not through the office line, I could reach him on his cell. I was also lucky enough to land Bridgeview's finest senior loan processor that they had to offer. Kat did not miss anything in my file, the moment any issues came up that needed to be fixed on my end, she was there notifying me right away on what i needed to do to get things in order so we can speed up and close in a timely manner. Definately a hard worker to say the least, clearly the time and effort she puts into her job more than shows. I can't leave out Greg Smith. This guy isn't in his position by chance! Alot of power moves made by this sales manager from day one to close. Convincing the seller over the phone to choose our offer over several others? Smooth words, knoweledge of the trade, competitive reinsurance of close, or a little of all of the above? Whatever the case, we were chosen! 30 days later he's cleaning up minor issues in my file and knocking out my Clear To Close. Words can't explain how happy I am right now! 27 years old next month in a 3700 sq ft house in the Southern California Wine Country. Bridgeview Mortage Bank, clearly serving our Nations Active Duty Military better than the rest of the VA lenders and making Dreams come true. 100 percent satisfied home owner saying Thank You yet again.
—Christopher H..
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Career Opportunities

Senior Loan Officer

Job Description

Primary job function is origination of residential mortgage loans.  As a Senior Loan Officer you will work with your assigned underwriting partner to deliver quality loans to BBMC as well as an excellent customer experience to borrowers and referral partners.   

Job Requirements

Qualifications essential for this position:

·         Must be able to develop and maintain relationships with referral partners, centers of influence as well as your existing customer database.

·         Must currently be working in a sales capacity in the mortgage industry

·         Must be able to document a track record of success as a Mortgage Originator

·         NMLS Licensing is not required

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