Christine Leyden
Chief Operating Officer

As a founding member of the executive leadership team at BBMC Mortgage , LLC, I have had the opportunity to help build an organization from the ground up, based upon principles that center on creating a superior customer experience.

Part of what makes me and Bridgeview - unique is that we go beyond the standards set by the rest of the industry to serve our borrowers and investors better. Our job would be easier if we chose “the lowest common denominator” path. We don’t do that. Instead we look at underwriting guidelines for each investor separately and make loan decisions based on each unique case. It takes more effort. It takes more time. It results in more loans, at better terms, for our customers. And we are happy to do it.

It doesn’t feel like a special gift to me, but others have commented on my ability to quickly distill loan regulations down to their key parts and to make a decision whether it’s a loan my company can do…or not. Loan originators do not always like my decisions, but they respect and appreciate the fact that I am always able to provide an answer. I have been a top producing loan originator myself for many years and understand how critical it is for them to have an underwriting team that supports their efforts.

Because I am able to rapidly process different types of requirements for each loan, I am able to teach my team how to interpret guidelines as well. As a result, we offer a higher degree of customization than is found with most other companies who prefer to streamline their processes, limiting loans to the standards common to all platforms, rather than taking the time to assess each program on its own terms.

Our motto is “The right people. The right approach. The right mortgage.”