Brian Surgener
SVP of Strategy
NMLS #298192

As the Senior Vice President of Strategy at BBMC Mortgage Brian is responsible for creating and managing the efficiencies for all Marketing solutions.  BBMC’s success is partially attributed to our ever evolving operations and sales platform which he works to evaluate and evolve through analytics and key performance indicators. 

BBMC Mortgage provides the benefits of a mortgage correspondent with the backing of a large, federally insured regional bank, and provides access to all of the major mortgage products along with competitive pricing. We utilize a highly innovative online marketing platform, which generates as many as ten new loan inquiries per day / per LO. These inquiries are delivered real time to the mortgage banker so they are able to focus on sales without the time-consuming aspects of processing. We at Bridgeview are unblemished in the market, play to LO strengths, and cater to them to produce more.