Dustin Nates
Director of Training & Transition
NMLS #228815

The Director of Training & Transition ensures all employees, new and existing, are supported with the tools they need to succeed throughout their careers with BBMC.  My passion for best in class client service is fueled by the opportunity to impact every BBMC client through the service my team provides to our internal clients, the BBMC employees.  My team works diligently to identify any areas of opportunity to improve the environment and processes our clients experience.  Implementation of solutions and follow-up on their effects is a critical part of what we do.  We feel it is not enough to move forward.  We must create progress and positive momentum that make BBMC a better place to spend one’s career.  Through such an approach, a culture has been developed that is felt by those that do business with BBMC.  If only indirectly, my team will create a positive experience for every person that interacts with a BBMC employee.