About Operation Home Connect

Operation Home Connect’s Hero Reward Program is highly focused on making your home-buying or selling experience an amazing one. We have spent years developing a network of high-level agents that not only understand the VA product as a loan, but also how to negotiate an accepted offer in a highly competitive real estate market.

However, we also understand the financial challenges of buying a home. Our Hero Reward Program gives you that little bit extra to help with the costs of moving into a new home. When you close on the purchase or sale of your home using one of our amazing agents, we thank you with a reward of 10% of your agent’s commission towards the expenses of moving. Typically, that equates to about a quarter of a percent of the purchase price. You can use these funds to go towards anything you want such as dishes, furniture, paint, you name it.

Benefit to Using Operation Home Connect

Finding a real estate agent is not difficult. However, finding a high-level real estate professional that understands the needs of a PCSing service member, transitioning service member or Veteran can be challenging. With our agent locator tool at Operation Home Connect, you can feel confident that you are speaking with an agent who has been carefully chosen and certified as a VA specialist. Additionally, many of our agents are Veterans or family members of a Veteran. With the Operation Home Connect Network, rest assured you have a trustworthy professional assisting you with the purchase or sale of your home.

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About BBMC Mortgage


BBMC Mortgage understands the transition out of the military, and how daunting the world of civilian finance can appear. We also believe that every military family should be able to achieve their dream of affordable home ownership. That’s why we’re proud to help VA home loan applicants by waiving $1,545 in lender fees.

BBMC Mortgage chooses to do right by our nation’s military families every day. To put the savings into a bigger picture: in 2016, BBMC helped 4,176 VA-eligible borrowers. That means we waived $6,451,920 last year so our nation’s military families can achieve their dreams of affordable home ownership.